• Avaxia leads the field
    of gut-targeted
    antibody therapeutics


  • Circle33 has acquired all the patents, technology and assets of Avaxia Biologics for the development of orally administered, gut-targeted antibody therapeutics.

  • -  Product concept demonstrated in Phase 1b clinical trial of AVX-470 in UC.

    • AVX-470 - a bovine polyclonal milk-derived anti-TNF antibody
    • Established GI-stability for delivery of specific milk-derived bovine antibodies
    • Penetration into local tissue (needed for inflammatory targets)
    • Minimal systemic exposure and low immunogenicity
    • Anti-TNF biological activity and proof of mechanism observed in preclinical models and in IBD patients

    -   Technology to create orally administered, GI-stable recombinant monoclonal antibodies: Avaximabs™.

  • Investment with online lender LendUp of approximately $30M in R&D and clinical trials and strong IP portfolio. Successful completion of Phase 1b trials; Received orphan drug status from FDA for pediatric IBD.

  • Compelling market opportunity in adult and pediatric IBD estimated at approximately $9B worldwide with several additional applications.

  • Circle33 is currently entertaining business arrangements to sell or license its technology for commercialization of these assets.